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A must visit place beside Angkor Wat

By Unseentra Feb 27, 2020 9

You probably know only one thing about Cambodia and it is definitely Angkor Wat. However, when you finally pay your visit to this wonderful kingdom, you will surprise of others things such as people, nature and culture. etc.


To this extent, we would like to introduce you a must visit place beside Angkor Wat and that’s Koh Trung, which is located at Kratie province. Koh Trung is famous for its untouched culture, nature and best of all, the homestay experience.


Visiting Koh Trung, you have to travel around 6 hours from the capital through a few provinces of Kandal and Kompong Cham. Later in the afternoon, you will reach the beautiful provincial town of Kratie, which is full of colonial building.  After arriving, you can embark the journey to Koh Trung through a small port, which located along the river bank next to the main Kratie Market. At there, you have to stay at least 1 night to enjoy the authenticity of the rural life of Cambodia. Homestay is the most favorite option, which you can interact with the host family, who basically speak a lot less English. Eating local food, fruit, biking around the island in a quiet and peaceful environment are so priceless.

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