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The best time to visit Siem Reap

By Unseentra Feb 27, 2020 8

Siem Reap is one of the destination, which you can visit any time of your vacation. It has an endless charm millennial temples and variety of experiences. Nevertheless, if you are visiting during this time of the year, which is the “Sangkran Day” or “ Khmer New Year, we guarantee you have the best of the best vacation of your life probably.


Khmer New Year is the national event, which celebrates nationwide from 14th – 16th April every year. During the celebration, each house need to prepare a blessing ceremony, at the meantime, the provincial hall will hold the celebration and Siem Reap is one of the most well-known place for tourist from around the world to enjoy the Khmer New Year.


These full 3 days, you will experience the traditional parade, music concert, art, traditional performance and much more. Significantly, throwing water at each other is undoubtedly the most common one, people will throw the water at you when you walk by as the celebration. Therefore, please beware of that and keep your belonging in the dry bag.


Come to experience it yourself.

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