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Top famous hiking trails in Cambodia

By Unseentra Jun 04, 2020 95

Hiking has become top trending things -to - do for Cambodian people in the recent years. Starting from hiking at small national park with beginner trail to the highest mountain of Cambodia, Mount Aural. These are our top picks for the famous hiking trails in Cambodia.

1.    Mount Aural


Mount Aural has been known as the highest mountain in Cambodia with the height of 1813 meters, it is located at Kompong Speu province, which approximately 3 hours’ drive from the city of Phnom Penh.


In the last few years, hiking to the summit of mount Aural has become a challenge for many young Cambodian as well as adventurer to overcome the fear and showing off their self-durability.  The hiking can take between 3 days to 4 days in hiking up and down. Thank to this hiking activities, the beautiful nature of Mount Aural has been admired by man people.

2.    Areng Valley


Hiking 3 to 4 hours up the rocky, slippery trail, you will reach one of the paradise on earth, Areng Valley. The Areng Valley, also known as the 2nd Amazon rainforest in the world, has got the attention from the adventure-seeker after many photographs and videos its beautiful nature, waterfall starting to flood everyone feed.

Picture: Florain Poulin 

3.    Kulen Mountain


Kulen Mountain has been known for many years by local and int’l tourist as one of the famous camping and trekking trail in the country. However, it has doubled its reputation after many undiscovered mysterious places, temple, carving stone started to get media attention.

Picture: Sovannaphum Adventure 

4.    Mondulkiri


One of the coldest province and home to many endanger rare animals on earth, Mondulkiri province, has become a sensational destination for camping lover and hiking lover. The province is ridiculously rich in natural resources, sea of forest and lengthy of greenery scenic mountain terrains. One of the things that people love doing at Mondulkiri is camping and trekking to discover the hidden natural beauty such as water fall.

5.    Knong Phsar


Recently discovered hiking trail Knong Phsar has immediately attracted thousands of local travelers. The beauty of Knong Phsar is undeniably mind-blowing and out of this world. Greener grass lay across the beautiful terrain, dreamy cloud, silent sunset with the sound of bird-chirping, it becomes the place to escape the hectic world and engage with the nature.

Picture: Solo Landscape



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