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Trending : Most favorite things to do by Cambodia people in 2020

By Unseentra Jun 05, 2020 60

Traveling locally has become a thing now in the last few years for Cambodia people, especially, youth, they are constantly looking for dynamic experiences in life. Travel does help gain public interest in local tourism, while giving chances to many young lives to find their purposes, interests and promote sustainable tourism as well.


These are top preferable things-to-do by Cambodia people.

1.     Camping


Camping has started to be one of the most popular thing-to-do by many young Cambodia people since late 2015 until nowadays. There are many camp-sites crowded with hundreds of campers every weekend across the country. The main reason, which made the camping experience the most favorite among Khmer people, is the idea of strong bonding between staff or family members.

2.     Trekking / Hiking


Spending 3 days or 4 days trekking to the summit of the mountain has become a challenge for adventurers. Many potential hiking trails have been opened to welcome people across the nation. Read favorite hiking trails here.

Picture: Vana Adventure 

3.     Cycling

Cycling activity has gained its popularity to Cambodian people, particularly, people in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Each household now has at least one bicycle and the number of cycling groups is no sign to slow down. This belief to be a positive sign toward the understanding of local people toward a healthy lifestyle and alternative way to enjoy the ride in and off the city.

4.     Off-Road Travel


The Off-road dirt-bike groups, rally cars, are also getting public interest regarding its popularity. Particularly, after many adventurers begin to share their experiences in long off roads drive to the unmarked destinations and deep in the forest. Now, many youngsters have joined the activity and starting to enjoy the off-road as well.

Picture: Dirt Bike Tour

5.     Starting Travel Blog

Most of the sensational trekking locations, beautiful attractions are typically announced to people through the picture or the article of travel bloggers around the country. Now, more and more people start to share their guidance and tips through their social media blog and vlog, which help the growth of local tourism in various good ways.




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