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Why is Sosoro a must see museum in Phnom Penh?

By Unseentra Jun 20, 2020 468

When visiting a country, museums and markets seem to be the fastest way to get to know about the country’s culture and history. However, If you are a tourist planning your travel to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and is now searching online for places to visit when you are in the country, you may miss the opportunity to visit this newly established museum in the capital city that has not yet been updated into the visiting list of many websites yet. Most of the travel websites probably will suggest you visit hot tourist spots such as the Royal Palace, the S-21 Genocide Museum, Choeung Ek Genocide Center, the National Museum, the Central Market, the Russian Market, etc.

But luckily, you have come to the right place! Today, Unseentra will take you on a journey to explore “PREAH SREY IÇANAVARMAN Museum of Economy and Money” - commonly known as the SOSORO Museum.

SOSORO’s building used to serve as former town hall residence and municipality in the 1900s before it was restored and became the house of the museum in 2018. It is a modern museum where history and technology meet. At SOSORO, visitors can experience various activities in the same place.

Below are some reasons why SOSORO is definitely a must-see destination when you’re in Phnom Penh.

Building and Atmosphere

The museum is a French protectorate style building with a green garden at the back. Here, you are not only visiting a museum, but also gets to enjoy this one-century-old architect with a lovely cup of drink available at the cafeteria.

The Gallery

Exhibition space in this museum is divided into 12 different modules. After visiting all these modules, you will be able to understand Cambodia’s monetary history from the past 2,000 years. Don’t worry about getting lost or feeling bored with the display, because there will be text and video explanations right there waiting to help you get a better understanding about the objects. Moreover, there’s also a tour guide waiting to help you anytime you need.

Interactive Space

Right after exploring the gallery, you will walk into an interactive space full of interesting things to play with. You can spend time looking at charts of money circulation made of LED light, inspect special marks and symbols of the currency under ultraviolet light (UV), play some games, or even run stimulation. Oh wait, and don’t forget to make your own SOSORO currency on your way out of the museum. (It’s free and you can send them to your email).


In case you obsess with the museum and want to bring back home some memories, the shop is right next to the exit on the left. Here, you have a variety of options to choose from.

About the Place:

Address: #16, Preah Moha Ksatreiyani Kossamak Avenue,Sangkat Wat Phnom.

Opening Hour: Tuesday to Sunday, 9AM – 6PM

Price: 2,000 Riel for Student, 4,000 Riel for Cambodian, 20,000 Riel (Approx. USD $5) for Foreigner

Average Spending Time: 3 Hours

Photo Credit : Sosoro Museum

Article by : Chan Sokmeng

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